TSOA Celebrates 90 Years!

April 6 Celebration Event is a Major Success

On April 6, The School of Architecture, founded by Frank Lloyd Wright as the Taliesin Fellowship in 1932, celebrated 90 continuous years of teaching experimental architecture and Learning by Doing. The event raised over $270,000 for the school. Major donations included those by Bing Hu (H&S International), Chris Koch (Carlisle Companies), and an anonymous donor. To end the evening, a new Swaback Scholarship was announced by Taliesin Fellows Vern Swaback and John Sather of Swaback Architects + Planners.

The keynote of the Spring Celebration program featured 4 eras of education at The School of Architecture. TSOA welcomed back Vern Swaback, John Sather, Victor Sidy, and Michele Yeeles, four architects and alumni whose experiences at the school span from the 1950s to the present, and ultimately project an exciting future for the school and architectural education at large.

Additional remarks were shared by the Mayor of Paradise Valley Jerry Bien-Willner, TSOA Board Chairman Dan Schweiker, Board Member and Alum Bing Hu, Board Member and Alum Pablo Moncayo, President Chris Lasch, and Dean Stephanie Lin. Mayor David Ortega of Scottsdale, and City Council Members were also in attendance.

The School of Architecture thanks our wide community for their ongoing support during this important and exciting time.

DSC 1257
TSOA Celebrates 90 Years
Paradise Valley Mayor Bien-Willen speaks to the attendees
DSC 1071
Alum Bing Hu announces a $100,000 donation
DSC 1099
Dean Stephanie Lin introduces the alumni panel
DSC 1119
TSOA alumni panelists, Vern Swaback, John Sather, Victor Sidy and Michele Yeeles
DSC 1189
Alum Vern Swaback recalls his days as an apprentice under Frank Lloyd Wright