TSOA Opens Organic Exhibition

Organic Exhibition

This group exhibition, organized by The School of Architecture founded by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1932, does not ascribe to any singular definition of the term, but rather expands on the multitude of its interpretations through the lens of process in design. (April 16, 2022)

TSOA Celebrates 90th Year!

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The School of Architecture, Founded by Frank Lloyd Wright as the Taliesin Fellowship, is celebrating 90 years of teaching experimental architecture and Learning by Doing.

Stephanie Lin Leads Workshop

Stephanie Lin leads

Stephanie Lin has led Beyond the Surface, a perspective-bending drawing workshop with students at the Syracuse University School of Architecture. (October 25, 2021)

TSOA in AZBigMedia Article


An article in AZBigMedia highlights the school’s successful transition to Arcosanti (September 15, 2021)